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Man about Town

What? A little blackmail never hurt anyone.

How did a working-class girl who dreams of being a writer end up with a job at one of the exclusive banks on the west coast?

Dumb luck, that’s how.

I’m pretty sure that any minute now, the Powers That Be will realize I don’t belong here. Before that happens, I need to figure
out how to fit in—how to look the part, dress the part, and act the part.

Fortunately, there’s Marcus.

Hiring him to be my date for the office party was easy.

Blackmailing him into helping me revamp my image is actually kind of fun.

But not falling for him?

That might be impossible.

Man about Town is a sweet ‘n’ steamy standalone in the Gentlemen, Inc. Series. You do NOT have to have read the other books in the series first to enjoy this one. If you like stories about cocky guys and the snarky girls who hire them, download Man about Town today!